About Kinter

Kinter is a family business obsessed with making retail display hardware easier for our customers. We’ve been manufacturing and distributing retail display hardware for more than 40 years. We stock over 10,000 different retail display hardware products among the following categories: label solutions, ceiling systems and accessories, cable and chain, info strips, product merchandising, sign and literature holders, display construction, and rings and binder posts. And, for specialized needs, our innovative custom design services and secondary operations can quickly design, manufacture and deliver just about any product to any specification. 

Our approach to business is simple — treat each other and our customers like family. We do whatever it takes to help our customers succeed. If you call us late in the day with a “gotta-have-it-tomorrow” order, we’ll find a way to get it out the door. If you need custom design work or some secondary operation turned around quickly, we’ll assign the right team to your project and we’ll solve it.

Meet Paul, Our President

Like any good President or CEO, Paul White embodies the core values of the company that he leads. Every day, Paul rolls his sleeves up, gets down in the trenches with Kinter team members and solves customers' retail display hardware problems. 

"I do whatever it takes to help our customers succeed," he explains. "Because that's what everyone at Kinter is expected to do."

Our Philosophy: Solved™

Solved™ is our philosophy, our motto and our tagline — all rolled into one. Solved is not about meetings or emails. It's not about how hard we try. It's not what could be or what has been. It's about one thing and one thing only — and that's solving our customers' retail display hardware problems. Because to us, that's all that matters.

Our History

1980-1983 Where it all began

K International started by selling nails out of our founders John and Barbara White’s garage in Royal Oak, MI.

625 sq. ft.


1985-1997 Movin' On Up

K International continues adding new customers and product lines, spurring continued growth that leads John and Barbara to another move - to this building on Lee Avenue in Gurnee.

5,500 sq. ft.

1997-2003 Building Out

K International's growth continues accelerating, leading us to take on more space in the Lee Avenue location. What began as a husband and wife operation is now a thriving enterprise.

12,500 sq. ft.

2004-2012 Going Big

Having outgrown the additional space we created for ourselves on Lee Avenue in Gurnee, we built our own warehouse on Ryan Road in Gurnee.

32,000 sq. ft.

2012-2019 Going Bigger

Explosive growth leads us to a significantly larger space on Oak Grove Avenue in Waukegan.

115,000 sq. ft.

2019 New Heights

Six very productive years later, we expanded yet again. We built a second facility next door on Oak Grove Avenue.

200,000+ total sq. ft

2022 Even Bigger

We are excited to keep growing and expanding our Oak Grove Campus with the addition of our third facility.

300,000+ total sq. ft