Retail Display Hardware: Custom Design Services, Prototyping,
and 3D Printing

Seeking custom retail display hardware? Kinter offers custom design services, manufacturing, and production-ready solutions based on your specific requirements or preferences. 

Our on-site engineering lab supports custom 3D printing and prototyping to validate product design, functionality, and performance. From highly detailed and complex designs to simple turnkey solutions, Kinter has the expertise and on-site capabilities to get you what you need, quickly.

Beyond the Catalog

At Kinter, our mission is to make display hardware effortless for retailers.

Tell us what you need and when you need it, and we’ll work out the logistics to make it happen. We won't stop working until your retail display challenge has been solved.

Challenge Us

Kinter’s Advanced Capabilities

Engineering Lab and Design Support

Bringing new ideas to life faster—to help you find the right product fit every time.

Prototype Development

See the power of assessing a physical component before full-scale production begins.

3D Printing

Create custom retail display components for testing and validation.

In-House Services

At Kinter, we take pride in providing solutions to your retail hardware challenges. Our fully integrated in-house capabilities for customers include:

  • Engineering lab and custom product technicians
  • Custom product design support
  • Full-color, rapid 3D printing capabilities
  • Single cavity mold part production
  • In-house injection molding and custom extrusion capabilities
Custom Product Design Support and In-House Services for Retail Display Hardware