Custom Extrusion

Extrusion is a process of manufacturing that involves pushing metal or plastic materials through a preformed steel plate to create a desired shape. Kinter’s custom plastic extrusion services allow our engineers and designers to develop complex products according to a given length while keeping costs low.

The extrusion process may seem straightforward, but it is truly an art form. 

Once materials pass through the steel plate, they must be cooled by air or water before they pass through the fly cutter. Some complex profiles and materials are subject to shrinkage; it takes years of experience in the industry to get the form, shape, and function just right before the cutting process. From simple J channels and C channels to complex shapes in unique sizes, Kinter’s expertise is a cut above. 

Beyond the Catalog

At Kinter, our mission is to make display hardware effortless for retailers. 

Tell us what you need and when you need it, and we’ll work out the logistics to make it happen. We won't stop working until your retail display challenge has been solved.

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Custom Extrusion Services

Kinter is a leader in custom plastic extrusion services, offering in-house products and services to meet the needs of various industries. This flexibility allows our team to remain nimble on projects, with the ability to put a part on the line in a matter of hours rather than weeks.

Kinter’s capabilities span beyond simple plastic extrusion to include:

  • Co-extrusion, tri-extrusion, quad-extrusion, and more
  • In-line hole punching
  • Custom aluminum and steel extrusion through trusted manufacturing partners
Custom Extrusion Services

For all of your custom extrusion needs, Kinter delivers expertise. Contact our KinterCare team today about your unique project. 

Why Choose Kinter for Custom Extrusion Services?

When you choose Kinter for your custom extrusion service needs, you can be sure that you're getting a partner who will work with you every step of the way to ensure your project is completed to your specifications.

More than that, Kinter’s innovative team can help you re-imagine what is possible. With our custom extrusion services, we can shoot up to six colors into a part. Our level of innovation and execution is unmatched in the industry. 

When you choose Kinter, you can expect:
  • Speed
  • A high level of accuracy
  • Exceptional quality control
  • Cost savings
  • Custom design opportunities 

Challenge us with your next custom plastic extrusion project—you won’t be disappointed in the end result. Interested in getting started now? Contact our KinterCare team today. 

CNC and EDM Tooling

Kinter offers CNC and EDM tooling services to support our custom extrusion services. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) tooling are important components of modern manufacturing processes. 

  • CNC tooling is the process of using computer-controlled machines to produce intricate parts with precise and consistent results.
  • EDM tooling techniques involve using electrical discharge to eliminate metal from a workpiece with high precision. This method is ideal for creating intricate shapes and features that would be challenging or impractical to achieve using traditional machining methods.

With Kinter’s tooling capabilities, we can create unique cavity tools. From a single cavity all the way up to a 128 cavity tool, Kinter brings services that are typically completed overseas, to our home turf.

Custom Extrusion FAQs


Is there a minimum footage run?

At Kinter, there is no minimum footage run. The most cost-effective run is upwards of 10,000 feet, but we have the production flexibility and capability to run as little as 100 feet. 


What is the typical lead time for the custom extrusion tooling process?

The lead time depends on the complexity of the part, the quantity requested, and the tool size. With in-house capabilities, Kinter can control all of the production variables, pushing projects with tighter timelines higher in the queue. It’s best to contact our team directly to inquire about your specific project needs; we will be happy to help. 


What is the typical lead time after production?

The lead time after production is influenced by several factors, including the intricacy of the part or component, the quantity requested, and the tool size. However, having in-house production capabilities enables Kinter to manage all these variables and prioritize projects based on customer requirements. Please contact us about your specific project for more precise lead time information. 


What is the lead time for the production of the first article sample?

The lead time for the production of the first article sample can vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the design, the availability of the necessary raw materials, and the specific manufacturing process used. Since Kinter controls all aspects of the custom extrusion process in-house, we have the flexibility to meet tight deadlines and custom project requirements. Contact our KinterCare team directly for an accurate estimate of the lead time required for your unique project.