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Retail Print and POP Display Hardware 

If you are a printer or manufacturer of retail and brand POP displays, Kinter can help!

From our fast delivery of over 10,000 retail display hardware items to custom solutions to fit your exact specifications, Kinter provides manufacturers access to innovative P.O.P. sign and display components and solutions with low prices, consistent availability, and next-day shipping. That’s why Kinter’s the #1 rated retail display hardware provider!


“We needed a hardware kit shipped to 1100 individual stores across the country in time for Black Friday. We called Kinter on Tuesday, and the products arrived for us to use on Friday! I didn’t think it was possible, but Kinter delivered!”

Kinter’s Commitment to POP Display and Print Manufacturers

Kinter is committed to providing the very best in retail display and print components and solutions to make your shopper-engaging POP designs a reality. Our catalog is just a conversation starter—tell us your unique needs, requirements, and specifications, and let our team of experts bring your product ideas to life! 

Our goal is to help retail display and print designers, engineers, and specifiers with the product solutions they need to meet their unique project requirements. Your buy-direct relationship with Kinter ensures great pricing, reliable availability, and consistent on-time delivery.

Kinter meets your retail display needs through:

  • An inventory of over 10,000 ready-to-ship retail display items.
  • Dedicated engineering lab for our customers, offering custom hardware design, prototype development, and 3D printing.
  • Fulfillment services, including labeling, boxing, high-speed bagging, direct-to-store shipments, and more.
  • Reduced lead time and rapid order fulfillment.
  • Personal relationships that foster exceptional customer service.
Kinter's In-House Engineering Team Custom Capabilities

Whether it's a simple adjustment or an innovative technical design, Kinter possesses the knowledge, proficiency, and resources to efficiently cater to your wholesale store display demands.

Custom Design & Manufacturing

  • 3D Prototyping
  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control)
  • Injection Molding
  • Custom Plastic Extrusions
  • Wire Forming & Metal Fabrication

Secondary Operations

  • Fulfillment – High-speed bagging, boxing labeling, instructions, direct-to-store shipments, and more
  • Cable & Chain – Cutting, spooling, assemblies
  • Custom coloring of parts – Dyeing, plating, anodizing, and more
  • Hook & Loop – Mating and cutting


Kinter is a family-owned and operated business committed to making retail display hardware easier for our customers. For over 40+ years, our approach to business hasn’t changed: treat each other and our customers like family. Whatever you need, whenever you need it. One phone call, problem solved. 

“Working with Kinter has helped us improve every level of our in-store display program.”

Retail Display and Print Manufacturer Hardware Product Selection

With point of purchase display and print solutions, a diverse product line gives designers, engineers, and specifiers the versatility they need to bring to life shopper-engaging retail marketing strategies. 

Fully Stocked For All Your Retail Display Products

Featured Products: POP Display and Print Hardware Solutions

Display Construction for POP Display

Display Construction

Having access to the right display construction hardware is key to designing attractive pieces that also take into consideration ease of assembly and shipping costs. Check out Kinter’s wide and innovative range of overstocked POP display construction solutions.

Sign Literature Holder for POP Display

Sign and Literature Holders

Whatever your product location or display configuration might be, Kinter’s selection of sign holders gives retail display and print manufacturers  a range of options. From grippers to header and magnetic sign holders, Kinter can help. 

Ceiling Systems for POP Displays

Ceiling Systems & Accessories

Ceiling systems and accessories offer retailers innovative ways to improve store navigation and enhance product information. From the efficient use of overhead space to eye-catching signage, lighting, and product promotions, Kinter can help you create an engaging and customer-friendly shopping environment.


Label Solutions

Label solutions give retailers a way to display information related to pricing, promotions and discounts, product information, or marketing messaging directly alongside the products they describe. Kinter's ever-growing line of label solutions gives you flexibility and adaptability, allowing you to be creative in your retail display and print designs.

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