Engineering Lab and Design Support

Our customers are always seeking innovative new product solutions to enhance their in-store environments and POP displays. As a leading retail display hardware provider, Kinter is dedicated to cutting-edge technology and expertise to cater to our customer’s ever-evolving needs.

Our new, state-of-the-art engineering lab offers expanded capabilities in retail display hardware design, prototype development, and the most advanced 3D printing capabilities. Our team works directly with our customers to understand, iterate and build new product solutions to meet specific requirements and tight deadlines with ease.

Beyond the Catalog

At Kinter, our mission is to make display hardware effortless for retailers. 

Tell us what you need and when you need it, and we’ll work out the logistics to make it happen. We won't stop working until your retail display challenge has been solved.

Challenge Us

Our unique retail hardware engineering lab and design support brings our customer’s ideas to life faster and with the precision they need to be successful.

Engineering Lab Capabilities

Kinter's Engineering Lab offers the technical expertise of experienced engineers combined with many advanced features and capabilities.

Our engineering lab services are designed to help our customers find the right product fit, every time.
Engineer forming product in washing station

When you choose to work with Kinter, you can expect:

  • Expertise: A dedicated team of engineers leading with design innovation, efficiency, and optimization at the forefront of each project.
  • Collaboration: An integrated technology hub crafted especially for seamless collaboration among our engineers, customers, and partners.
  • Design For Manufacturing and Design Support: Efficient retail display hardware and component design with a thoughtful approach to Design for Manufacturing (DFM). 
Kinter Kreations Team

Kinter’s DFM processes ensure:

  • Cost and Quality Optimization: By focusing on design decisions, we aim to harness manufacturing efficiencies, given that 70% of manufacturing costs for plastic products and components are determined at the design stage.
  • Holistic Process Selection: This involves choosing the perfect manufacturing process, investing in diverse technologies, and utilizing state-of-the-art design principles.
  • Material Precision: We prioritize selecting materials that not only fit the design but also ensure consistent quality that our customers demand.
  • Balanced Approach: Design support at Kinter isn't just a process; it's a strategy. When we finalize a plan, it embodies a meticulous balance of quality and costs – ensuring that the product aligns perfectly with manufacturing and assembly cost demands without compromising on quality.
  • Rapid 3D Printing: A vast collection of 3D printers offering full-color, high-fidelity capabilities that enable tactile, functional, and sensory printing. These services bring customers' ideas and innovations to reality and specifically support their retail hardware needs - all powered by the unmatched efficiency of PolyJet technology.
  • Molding Capabilities: Single cavity mold part production, expanding the realm of possibilities, swift validation, and quicker time to market.
3D printer supporting retail hardware needs

Guided by our head engineer, we lead the way in advanced technology and the range of solutions and innovations we bring to the table for our customers.

Why Choose Kinter for Design Services?

At Kinter, design and innovation aren't just services; they are our commitment to excellence. Over the past decade, our dedication to pioneering solutions has made its mark in the retail display hardware industry. Our design and engineering team embodies the company’s philosophy of 'Solved' – consistently developing cutting-edge solutions tailored for our customers.

Choosing Kinter for all of your point of purchase display hardware needs ensures 

  • Experience: A legacy of over a decade in engineering innovation.
  • Integrated Solutions: From design validation to reverse engineering, our capabilities span a wide spectrum.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Our primary goal is to create efficiencies for our customers. Whether it's same-day 3-D prototype printing or utilizing unique materials like flexible resins, we're here to address the most challenging needs.

Engineering Lab FAQs


What services does Kinter’s engineering lab provide?

Kinter’s engineering lab offers services for our valued customers. It is a hub for retail display hardware design, prototype development, 3D printing, design validation, product and component optimization, and reverse engineering, among other services.


How does an on-site engineering lab with design capabilities support customers?

Having an on-site engineering lab means we can quickly and efficiently turn our customer’s concepts into tangible prototypes, facilitating better communication and swift iterations. Our dedicated space for innovation ensures we are always at the forefront of technology, creating solutions that directly cater to our customers’ unique requirements.


How do I get started with Kinter’s engineering lab and design support services?

Starting with our engineering lab and design support services is straightforward. Contact our KinterCare team directly to discover how we can revolutionize your retail display hardware development process.