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Grocery Retail Display Solutions: Everyday Challenges Solved 

With over 60,000 grocery stores and supermarkets across the country, attractive grocery store displays provide visual marketing that can engage shoppers, improve consumers’ experience, and increase sales!

Kinter offers over 10,000 retail display products for grocery stores to help improve product organization, enhance merchandising appearance, and increase shopper engagement. Working directly with Kinter provides access to innovative display solutions with consistent product availability at price points that make sense. That’s why Kinter’s the #1 rated retail display hardware provider!

Grocery Store Retail Display Racks

“Partnering with Kinter for my grocery store display hardware was the best decision ever. It’s like having another member of my own team making sure we always have exactly what we need, exactly when we need it.”

Kinter’s Commitment to Grocery Stores

Visual marketing in grocery stores is a team effort: procurement managers source display signage and fixtures and category managers work with the store’s merchandise. Kinter is the ideal addition to this team, providing innovative display solutions that optimize product presentation with the latest display technologies and functionalities. 

Additionally, Kinter’s direct-buy approach gives you the best possible pricing, consistent availability, and reliable rapid delivery.

  • Over 10,000 different retail display products in stock
  • In-house engineering lab for customers offers custom design, 3D printing, and prototyping
  • Fulfillment services, including high-speed bagging, boxing, labeling, direct-to-store shipments, and more!
  • Short lead times and fast turnaround
  • Exceptional customer service

Grocery Store Custom Display Product

From basic fixes to complex technical designs, Kinter has the experience, expertise, and capabilities to quickly and effectively address your grocery store display needs!

Custom Design & Manufacturing

  • 3D Prototyping
  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control)
  • Injection Molding
  • Custom Plastic Extrusions
  • Wire Forming & Metal Fabrication

Secondary Operations

  • Fulfillment – High-speed bagging, boxing labeling, instructions, direct-to-store shipments, and more
  • Cable & Chain – Cutting, spooling, assemblies
  • Custom coloring of parts – Dyeing, plating, anodizing, and more
  • Hook & Loop – Mating and cutting


Kinter is a family-owned and operated business committed to making retail display hardware easier for our customers. For over 40+ years, our approach to business hasn’t changed: treat each other and our customers like family. Whatever you need, whenever you need it. One phone call, problem solved. 

“Kinter is more than a vendor, they’re an indispensable member of our team. Their products are outstanding, their service is second to none, and their ability to meet our deadlines is unbelievable!”

Grocery Store Retail Display Hardware Product Selection

When it comes to grocery store display hardware, variety is crucial for providing the flexibility grocery stores need to showcase an array of products and prices. Kinter’s vast selection of grocery store display hardware provides limitless solutions to any product display challenge.

Grocery Store Crisper Cart Innovative Design

Featured Products: Kinter’s Grocery Store Retail Display Hardware Solutions

Label Solutions for Grocery Store Displays

Label Solutions

Label solutions provide functional and promotional benefits by giving retailers a way to display information related to pricing, promotions and discounts, product information, or marketing messaging directly alongside the products they describe. Kinter offers several types and configurations of stock label solutions to fit your store’s messaging needs and logistical constraints. 

Sign and Literature Holder for Grocery Store Display Solutions

Sign and Literature Holders

Sign and literature holders are indispensable tools for displaying information in a grocery store. From the front of a pallet to the end of an aisle and everywhere in between! Kinter offers a wide selection of sign and literature holders to help stores present information, organize products, and enhance customers’ shopping experience. 

Product Cross Bar Merchandise

Product Merchandising

Optimize the presentation and organization of products on your store shelves. Enhance visitor’s shopping experience, encourage sales, and streamline inventory management in grocery stores with products that enhance shelf layout design, product placement, and promotional strategies.

Display Hooks Grocery Store

Display Hooks

Display hooks provide immense value in grocery stores by efficiently showcasing a wide range of products, enhancing visibility, and making shopping more convenient for customers. Maximize product exposure and contribute to a well-organized store layout to help you increase sales and improve shopping experiences.

Firm-Hold Electronic Shelf Label Hardware

Firm-Hold Electronic Shelf Label Hardware 

Electronic shelf label display hardware provide exceptional pricing efficiencies and convenience. Kinter’s ESL tag holders are designed to fit a range of ESL manufacturers, tag sizes, and application requirements. If needed, Kinter’s engineering team can also design custom ESL tag holders to meet your store’s unique environment.

Magnetic Grocery Shelf Dividers

Magnetic Grocery Shelf Dividers

Magnetic grocery shelf dividers offer a simple, flexible, and effective way to enhance product presentation while improving the organization and functionality of metal shelving systems. Kinter’s magnetic retail shelf dividers also improve inventory management by making it easier for your staff to see when it’s time to restock.

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