Sustainability in Retail Display Hardware

Sustainable retail display hardware is revolutionizing the way products are showcased. By prioritizing eco-friendly materials and processes, these innovative solutions are not only reducing environmental impact but also offer aesthetic appeal.

Kinter is proud to work directly with customers to help them realize their environmental goals by sourcing and manufacturing sustainable retail display hardware solutions. From plastics that are 100% recyclable to starch-based plastics that are compostable / biodegradable, we are committed to advancing our sustainability initiatives for you and the greater good.

Beyond the Catalog

At Kinter, our mission is to make display hardware effortless for retailers.

Tell us what you need and when you need it, and we’ll work out the logistics to make it happen. We won't stop working until your retail display challenge has been solved.

Challenge Us

“The ability to adapt our display hardware to more sustainable materials really makes a difference for us, our employees, and future generations.”

Kinter’s Commitment to Sustainability

The integration of sustainability into retail display hardware design and manufacturing is transforming the industry, paving the way for a greener future. At Kinter, we take a proactive approach to sustainability, integrating initiatives into day-to-day processes and routines.

Sustainable Materials

Without compromising on quality or functionality, we are constantly looking for sustainable – yet proven as a reliable innovation for retail – alternatives to traditional plastic, such as:

  • Materials that are biodegradable, including wheat-based, starch-based, and other bio-mass plastics.
  • Items that can be made from already-recycled plastics.
  • Expanding our offering of organic additives which enhance the biodegradation of plastic products in a landfill.
New facility 2022

Waste Reduction and Recycling

Kinter’s in-house Design Team and Engineering Lab possesses extensive prototyping and 3-D printing capabilities that virtually eliminate waste due to production mistakes and reruns.

Besides cardboard from packaging, at Kinter we make an effort to recycle as much waste product as we can both from our manufacturing and prototyping processes, including materials and trays from 3D printing, plain steel scrap, and plastic excess from routing, cutting, and fabricating.

We have a cardboard compactor on-site and contract with the local waste management company to collect our recyclables.

Energy Usage

Our team is always mindful of energy consumption, and of keeping energy usage low on items that are not used often by unplugging them or putting them in low power consumption modes. We also have installed automatic timers on lights in our warehouse office areas and are switching to LED lights as older bulbs and tubes need to be replaced.

Kinter members walking through headquarters

Challenge us with your sustainability-focused retail hardware projects! Whether it's a simple material adjustment or a new technical design, Kinter possesses the knowledge, proficiency, and resources to help you meet your sustainability goals.

Kinter is a family-owned and operated business committed to making retail display hardware easier for our customers. For over 40+ years, our approach to business hasn’t changed: treat each other and our customers like family. Whatever you need, whenever you need it. One phone call, problem solved.